Hello 👋🏻

I am Divyansh Jain.

I Code Powerful Web Apps.

About Me

Hello, my name is Divyansh, and I am a multi-talented human with 22 years of experience learning how to survive on the planet Earth.

I am presently on my journey to become an entrepreneur. In the past, I attempted to create a Clothing Suggesting App, a Clothing Brand, and an Event Company. I am currently developing an application that will serve as ' a factory in pocket'. It's called Merch Factory (my child).

Aside from that, I work as a freelancer coding Web Apps. I use Typescript to develop the majority of my web apps, which I deploy on Vercel and leverage Cloud Firestore and Realtime Databases from Firebase.

I've always been a techie. I used to run Ubuntu on my PC as a kid, root my Android, and jailbreak my iPhone. When I was 11, I created my first webpage. It served as both my portfolio and personal safe, with PHP serving as the backend language. Having said that, I am always open to partnerships.

Apps I Code Are


Less Loading Time & Lag Free Interactions.


Web Apps that look good in Mobiles, Tablets and Desktops.


Simple Design Language so that Web App is Easy to Use.


Feature Rich, and built using Lastest Frameworks and Tools.

Technologies I Use

Next JS90%
React Native60%
React JS85%
Node JS90%
Py / Flask50%

My Projects

Merch Factory
Best Bakery
Best Bakery
Div's Theme for VS Code

Lets Collaborate!